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Star model upgrade big drop this week incredible s

Read the full text on this page (total 2 pages) the Star models of this week was our unanimous choice, because whatever is on the configuration, or by price, HTC Incredible S are can became deserved of highlights phone. because it compared to predecessor Incredible, in configuration area has with up to 21 items upgrade, more excellent of performance let its also has more excellent of performance, especially in you experience to really machine of situation Xia more is so. and today of licensed importers models summary among, from Samsung flag Xia of new models I9003 also official listed, compared to Yu I9000, the machine also has also a style, in follow-up process in the this paragraph I9003 also worth members concern. HTC Incredible SHTC Incredible S uses a black coat color, let the unusual configuration, adding a few minutes calm. Meanwhile, the screen is configured with a 4-inch large touch screen, the main screen resolution of 480X800 pixels, display is clear and bright. Incredible S carrying Android OS V2.2 intelligent operating system, with a high-throughput MSM8255 processor at up to 1GHz of memory and 768MB, machine performance significantly increase. the back of the machine is equipped with an 8 million pixel camera, equipped with a dual-LED Flash, HD video recording and supports the 720p. in addition, the machine also has GPS navigation, SNS supports basic features such as transmission, Bluetooth, WIFI, full performance. HTC Incredible S More than 4,000 yuan and Apple iPhone 4 show daughter-in-low vs revision 16GB! Apple iPhone4 lock-free version of 16GB best selling Dell Venue Pro slider WP7 models Dell VenuePro high prices were selling like hotcakes 3000-3999 revision Nokia Nokia E7 E7 sideslip full keyboard smart HTC Touch color affordable HTC Incredible S1GHz after An Zhuoxin flagship HTCIncredibleS best selling Samsung M190SI9000 Samsung P10001GHz Samsung M190S today less than another masterpiece 3K3 core Android Tablet Samsung P1000 today further performance enthusiast HTCDesireHD HTC Desire HD1GHz down RMB 40 Yuan facelift 8GB Samsung I9000 Android 2.1 Beautiful 4 inch screen Samsung I9000 price stability 8G HTC80HTC Legend metal HTCDesire drop DesrieSnapdragon platform strong machine "robot" HTCLegend 50 Nokia N8 price drop both stylish and smart Orange Nokia N8 price stability today 9,800 9,800 business intelligence model of BlackBerry BlackBerry broken 3,000 yuan Motorola Defy800MHz Motorola Defy smart strong further RMB 119- Sony Ericsson X8 gradient color schemes of the 1999 revision less than 1300 more stylish Sony Ericsson X8 Nokia Symbian smart fashion award-winning arcade Nokia reported new causes: believe evaluation on HTC Incredible S articles we have already seen, For the machine of more items upgrade also has with good of looks forward to. and as itself actual experience had the machine of user,, maximum of feel is its in details of Department of improved, instead let people think is machine of charm is located. like like is in cross screen Internet operation Shi, screen below four shells induction type press also will corresponding of change direction, does very intimate. course Incredible S by has of other hard change also also worth delight, After all this is constitute machine excellent degree of causes is located. then apart from Incredible S itself of upgrade, the machine in price area also has with to force of performance, first drop on produced has 700 Yuan of big fall, directly from initially of 3,999 Yuan fell to today of 3,250 Yuan, until today price is comparison stability. to this Incredible S by virtue of with itself of excellent and price of big drop, in many phone among stood out. HTC Incredible S (website) reference price]3250[[ sales merchant] Peng tengda Beijing science and technology development company[ business phone]13260092178[ stores the address], Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun Office 16 floors 16071. You choose the elements of smart phones are most concerned about is the performance look 2. you ever experience the Snapdragon chip for smart phones provide superior performance? % 3CSTYLE>table,td { font-size: 9pt; font-weight:normal;line-height: 20px; text-decoration: none}

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Bi-directional flip game cottage reproduce stunning creative

Cottage machine in recent years development quickly, in addition to simple of imitation zhiwai, also has many go innovation route of products, following is a paragraph unique of bi-directional Cap game phone, is said to have it of model is Cool8800C: ▲ such looks just a paragraph General of cottage machine, even you also will think it of fuselage some too thick has 's, in cottage machine in didn't what advantage...... ▲ From another angle, still no difference, navigation and function keys, and even a few minutes with the Nokia 8800 Arte likeness. However, but look at it this way, in the stronghold, it is far too common ... ... ▲ "&*%&*#% ¥ *......*", after transformers sound, this cottage machine begins deformation, the keyboard and screen can be opened to the outside, there is also a wide screen ▲ you can see original is a game behind the keyboard arrow keys, and guess screen should be the key game features below? ▲ Yes, Yes! Perfect "PSP phone", how can the machine apart from the cottage, which manufacturers have so much daring designs such forceful phone? ▲ Back is amusing and carbon plate (or solar cells? ), Protecting the wide screen.

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WM6.5 4.3 inch temporarily system HTC HD2 price stability

(Zhongguancunzaixian mobile channel reports) on March 17, 2010, HTC HD2 (revision) in businesses "triple HTC phones" at the latest quote from 3,700 Yuan, price stability for the time being. spare parts for this phone for a single electric charge beats by dre, headset, data cable casque monster beats, stylus. HTC HD2 intelligent systems is an a 4.3-inch big-screen high-frequency mobile phones. Figure HTC HD2 HTC HD2 using bar design, positive is a 65,536-color TFT screen at a resolution of 480x800 pixels, reaching 4.3 inches, looks pretty good. pick-up is the latest system of Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional intelligent systems, Software scalability and a sense of control is excellent. While the built-in 5 million pixel camera, dual LED Flash, supports automatic zooming. 2009 photo HTC HD2 photo HTC HD2 HTC HD2 listing date-November 手机制式 GSM,WCDMA 主屏尺寸 4.3英寸 主屏参数 480×800像素 Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional CPU capacitance touch screen the touch screen operating system model Snapdragon (high throughput screening) CPU frequency 1024MHzMemory 512MB ROM 448MB RAM 500 megapixel camera pixels fuselage Wi-Fi support GPS function to support edit comments: HTC HD2 current prices tends to be stable for the time being, the price is high up and down at 3,700 Yuan, as the mainstream price adjustment recently and the decline in prices is likely to continue, like the phone's friends suggest that you first wait and see for some time and then shot. HTC HD2 (website)[ reference price]3700[ sales merchant] triple[ business phone, HTC cell phone city] 18910081028[ shop address] Zhongguancun science and trade more than 16 layers 1601B mobile quotation is the actual purchase</clk% 3E price, if you find that dealers give quotations in this article does not comply with or parallel import shop three months cannot be provided, please call complaint phone: 82616677-8205, (this phone is a telephone complaints, will not be considered Advisory product price) * due to price fluctuations, so complaints for a period of 10 days from the date on which the article is published.

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LG vx9900 side flip QWERTY design Orange Edition

United States moved operators Verizon and LG company launched VX9900 phone Orange version, while the machine also was LG official called "enV", the machine relative Yu black version, this a paragraph to more lively, to people a refreshing of feeling. However LG VX9900 in hardware configuration Shang, and zhiqian launched of black version compared to and no too large changes. figure for LG VX9900 Orange version phone as Orange version LG VX9900 together launched of also has a compact can collapsed of independent speaker, summer go out travel with Shang it lenovomobile, in seaside Sun Sun or bonfire party of when are can through it to do enjoy music charm, let we as music together dancing up. According to understanding this paragraph collapsed speaker design very compact, carrying up also is convenient. figure for LG launched portable speaker LG VX9900 used side Cap type design, has a QWERTY full keyboard, 260,000 colors QVGA-resolution TFT screen used in materials beats by dre studio pas cher, display is very clear, the machine also has a 2 million pixel auto focus camera head. in addition, LG VX9900 also can send and receive e-mail address, as well as through wireless devices to the machine connected to the home or office computer to access to e-mail, calendar, and information services. currently in LG VX9900 Verizon site is priced at $ 149.99, equivalent to around RMB 1143, LG portable speaker is priced at $ 49.99, equivalent to around RMB 381. map LG VX9900 Orange LG VX9900 Orange version of cell phone plan cell phones

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New machine made by the 5-inch Android distributio

Never think that Japanese mobile phones only big-screen clamshell shape, Android that Xiang Bobo who doesn't want to bite it? Japan operators DoCoMo today on publishing has a paragraph model of SH-01B of new. However author believes that it has cannot with "phone" to defined, because it equipped with has 5 inches of screen, and contains a a QWERTY keyboard, most important is, it is "sharp manufacturing". 5 inches Android distribution QWERTY sharp SH-10B this paragraph new of 5 inches screen, resolution reached has 960x480, and carrying has sharp latest of "moved ASV" Technology. in addition, the products within and outside the double screen is equipped with two cameras (Deputy lens 430,000 of the primary lens 5 million pixels, pixels). 5 inch Android QWERTY blending sharp SH-10B photo of view from the keyboard, SH-01B Basic using a standard full size keyboard, Android is relying on parts on regular menu, return beats by dre ibeats pas cher, Home button, And we have also seen a trackball. system, remains the face of native Android. sharp, the 5-inch Android equipped with QWERTY SH-10B the hardware side, the Terminal supports WCDMA networks, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Can watch Japan of TV TV. fuselage built-in 4GB store space (3GB user available) monster beats by dre in ear, last Android system version for 1.6, and non-latest of 2.1.5 inches Android distribution QWERTY sharp SH-10B does not know is by Apple iPad of effects sharp, we are began launched phone market of "across territories" products. from currently of situation view, this part positioning does not is too clear of products, market prospects also unknown.

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